52008494_10156975408173029_5385356812671254528_oHello and welcome to my blog!

First time visiting? This is where I write a post as questions arise within my job or just as musings occur in my brain. I aim to help people understand what it is architects and architectural designers do and what they can bring to a project as well as exploring the often overlooked aspect of the construction industry: sustainability.

I’m a Part 2 architectural graduate (for those of you who aren’t familiar with the ridiculous path the full architectural qualification it means I have a year’s worth of study left which focuses on contracts, law and practice management and then I can finally call myself an ‘architect’!) My masters level degree focused on sustainable design and I was based in Wales for a week every month for 18 months during this period. I am also a Certified Passivhaus Designer (if you have no idea what that is – check out my post on the subject).

If you’re looking for my business or to engage my professional services, I’m part of the design team at A D Practice Ltd, based in my home town area of Hertfordshire. We work in many areas of architecture but predominately specialise in residential and heritage work and sustainable design in the local area.

Just to prove that I am a real person, when I’m not ‘architecting’ (no, that’s not a real word but in that people don’t understand what I do, I feel it adequately describes my job!) I’m out with my dog, adventuring in mountains somewhere or just being boring and going to the gym!

Thanks for visiting!

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